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My Creative Process

Hi and welcome back to my blog. It's been a while since my last blog post. I've had a lot going on the past few months. But my goal is to give you all a piece of my mind regularly through this blog. I know a lot of people want to know more about my creative process and more about how I get started or work in my studio. So, I thought I would talk a little more about it here. So let's get to it!

It all can vary from time to time. I’ve said this before that sometimes my art inspires my poetry and other times my poetry inspires my art. I can sit and write several poems and then end up seeing how one or more of them go with something that I’ve recently painted or that I’m working on. There are also times when I finish a piece and then I will sit with that piece to see what feelings or words come to mind. I guess you can say it’s like I’m meditating with the art and really trying to see how I feel about it.

Recently I’ve been working on being more intuitive with my art as far as where the piece is going. Some people think that artists need to create in a series. Which I love to see different series of art and I myself have painted in series in the past. But I feel that I create my best work when I just create and not really worry about how the pieces flow together and most of the time they end up reflecting one another anyways. I think I’ve always been pretty intuitive with the colors that I choose to paint with. I’ve had people ask me how do I choose my colors. I honestly I just go with whatever I’m attracted to and what feels right.

As far as subjects, I've also been attracted to lots of abstract and figurative art. Take my first painting "Complicated" for example. It was very naturally abstract even when I'm not sure I even knew what abstract was back then. I was simply just creating and expressing my feelings through art.

I hope this gave you all a bit more insight on my creative process!

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy,

Sierra Barnes

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