"Spreading Positive Energy" Original Abstract Figurative Drawing


Title: Spreading Positive Energy

Art Size: 8.3x11.7 inches

Frame Size: 11x14 inches


Artist Statement For This Piece:

This piece for me represents spreading kindness and positivity and how it can affect

many people just by spreading positivity to one person. This was my first time creating a piece without paint and just using ink and paper. It was very intuitive just like my other pieces and planned at all. But as soon as I created this one I knew I wanted to make it into a series.


  • It comes framed in a float-frame 
  • It comes with hanging materials for you to apply yourself depending on your hanging preference 
  • Signed by me (Sierra Barnes) on the front and back
  • Comes with the original poem handwritten by me (Sierra Barnes) on the back of it.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity



Spreading Positive Energy


Spreading positive energy

Out into the world


It has a ripple effect

It has a purpose


Sometimes known 

Sometimes unknown. 

"Spreading Positive Energy" Original Abstract Figurative Drawing