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"Transforming Path" Original Abstract Figurative Painting


This painting is very bold and bright. It will definitely stand out and transform the energy of your home or office in a very positive and uplifting way. We are all going down our own paths in life. As we go through different changes and experiences whether we realize it or not we are being shaped and molded into a better version of ourselves. The original poem below describes my point of view and feelings about this piece.



Title: Transforming Path

Size: 11x14

Medium: acrylic on wood


  • It comes with the original poem below handwritten by me (Sierra Barnes) on the back
  • signed by me (Sierra Barnes) on the front and back
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity


Woke up to discover

a whole new world

everything was different

even me


These days,

weeks, and months

Transforming me


I stand here

on this path

So many memories

Good and bad


Through it all awakening

Growing and gaining my strength

To keep going down this path

The one transforming me.


"Transforming Path" Original Abstract Figurative Painting


    Artist, writer, blogger, and brain tumor thriver creating in a beautiful world full of chaos.